Life is Good

As I watch the sun set I reflect on a perfect day. I agreed to do part-time work for RainFocus to backfill a sales executive that is leaving on maternity leave. It’s a bit daunting since I have not really done sales before but the mom-to-be is an amazing person and keeps working at 150% to get her clients to a place where I will be able to handle things in her 4 months off. I am grateful for each day she is still here and even though she is due tomorrow, she seems to have all the energy of someone that is not pregnant. Gaby – I salute you and wish only the best for you and your new arrival.

The cool thing about working is that my office is so much better than my office in Ottawa. Here I have a lovely view of lots of trees and greenery with birds flitting about. It’s quite lovely and better than the wall of the next neighbour’s house that I had in Stittsville. I can handle this view for the 3 mornings per week I will be working!

Then to cap off the day I went for a ride and met Nicky and Derek who then came to our house for dinner on the deck. It was a picture perfect evening of a cloudless sky, warm temperatures, blue water view and the mountains across the water emerged as time went on.

How many people get to work at a job they like, with great people, then get to enjoy the outdoors with great weather and scenery and special times with family? We are truly blessed and look forward to many more days like this.

Good Night Ladysmith

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