A Starring Role

As newbies in town, we could not figure out why there were banners up and down 1st Ave from Patience, CO. We assumed it was because Ladysmith was twinned with Patience, CO.

So we asked Mr. Google today as we sat eating goodies from our awesome bakery.

We learned that Ladysmith is to play the role of the town of Patience for the SyFy series “Resident Alien”. Apparently filming was done earlier in the year. The town was chosen because of its character (especially it’s colorful buildings), people, close resemblance to a Colorado town and being close to Vancouver.

We then biked to Chemainus to meet Nicky and Derek for lunch at a cafe. We love the trail between Ladysmith and Chemainus. It has all parts of BC: towering trees, glimpses of the water, ups and downs, farm fields. It’s fun watching the crops grow in this field. We passed only a couple days ago, and I noticed that they were noticeably taller today. We will see further growth throughout the summer I’m sure.

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