Boat Prep

We learned the other day that our babies boats are in fact in transit and will arrive in the next week or two. So we are like expectant parents. We have already put the hooks in the garage where they will live. But more importantly we have to figure out the where we will launch from.

So we got on our bikes and went to Transfer Beach which is almost next door (well down the hill of course) to investigate. It was fun to see lots of kids and families enjoying the sunshine and we jealously looked at the people enjoying a kayak trip.

We chatted with the kayak rental staff who gave some great ideas for day trips and camping spots on the nearby Gulf Islands. Time to order some charts!

Ladysmith has a wonderfully protected harbour and a lively marina. We investigated launching from there and even storing our boats in the Paddle shed but decided we wanted them at home for maximum flexibility. The marina has developed itself into a tourist destination. It has an education centre, provides tours and of course mooring for boats. We even saw one from Idaho; I’m sure the owners would love the border to be open. We hope the summer “Music in the Marina” series will occur this year, but I guess we’ll see if that gets cancelled or not.

So we now await the arrival of the boats so we can put in close to home and start exploring the islands!

One thought on “Boat Prep

  1. Exploring new waterways sounds exciting. I bet you can’t wait to pour over the maps and plan new adventures. We are certainly missing our paddling partners! Glad to hear you are loving your new home. Hope your “babies” arrive soon 🙂


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