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“Butt to the Beach”

OMG – I can’t believe it’s been over 3 weeks since I last wrote anything.  It’s not because we have not done anything, It’s a combination of weather that has not been spectacular (think more snow, rain, cloudy cold days), a lot of what we do is now ‘normal’ so I don’t take as many…

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Back on Bald

After many days of grey skies and another snowfall, we found a day that promised sunshine and no precipitation, so the sunshine and fresh snow beckoned to get out and hike to enjoy it.   We were initially scared by the severe (by Island standards) cold temperatures forecasted, so we dug out all winter hiking…

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Who Needs the Sun?

Tofino is this magical place on the west coast of the Island; we have been many times and each time it’s different and wonderful in its own way. We booked this first weekend in February, because prices are lower than March for accommodation and camp sites.  In Tofino lingo it’s “Storm Watching” season, not “Low”…

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Adventures in the East

Not anxious to do another 12 km hike today, but wanting to see the eastern sector of the Saguaro National Park, we decided to do the scenic drive and then do a couple short easy hikes. It was a perfect way to experience a totally different side of the park and enjoy it. We woke…

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