Sunny Breaks

This week we had a taste of what the winter will bring: rain and grey skies. The first major Pacific storm moved over the island, bringing heavy rainfall so we were indoors for several days. We were taunted a couple times with some clearing, and then the rain would start again. Clouds moved in and out with the rain.

Then there were times where there was blue sky on one side and grey black clouds on the other. We learned to appreciate whatever came our way and we know we will have to make the best of it in the upcoming months.

And it was raining at this moment – with blue skies above!

But it was not all grey and grim. Late yesterday, colour was added to our day. It was a lovely sight sitting at the kitchen counter and looking out to see the rainbow.

Today the deluge stopped mid-morning and so we made it outside for a walk in the afternoon. Cool temp, sunshine and blue skies with fluffy clouds – it was lovely. We did a flat (yes we can find a few places with that) along the Cowichan River which dumps into the ocean at Cowichan Bay. This area is an important tidal estuary but we were there at high tide so we so it fully flooded and we avoided the ‘low tide smell’. We had some nice views at the bay. The mountain to the left in the picture below is Mt Tzouhalem. We have hiked to the top and looked down at Cow Bay, so seeing the bay at ground level provided a new perspective.

Looking the other way we saw farms, fields and houses.

You can’t see the man, many, many Canada Geese in the field but they were there and noisy.

Fall is definitely in the air, though. Plants are starting to dry out and leaves are changing color.

So a short 4 km walk on the flat provided lots to see and appreciate in the sun shine!

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