Wildlife Wonders

As still newbies to the Island we delight in new experiences as we paddle whether it’s a new location, wildlife or other.

Yesterday we had a great paddle in Cowichan Bay (known by the locals as Cow Bay) where we saw some great scenery, but had more fun seeing some new wildlife and behaviours!

We started in windless, glass smooth water that created beautiful reflections:

The launch point was amazing – a grassy lawn to stage the boats and then a true ‘docking station’ to start and end! It was a treat not to haul up over barnacled rocks or shells:

Seals are ‘common’ for us now. We love their soulful eyes as the peep up above the water to keep a wary eye on you. Yesterday we saw two very new behaviours beyond sunning on a haul out (in this case it was a log boom):

There was one seal, swimming near a pier, that was either mad at us or at fish that got away. It was surfacing and then doing really loud tail slaps. Something we had never seen and we could not really figure out what the issue was but it was entertaining,

Then there was this group of three ‘sunning’ in the middle of the water, in deep water. Somehow they were ‘treading’ water and sunning their flippers and tail above the water, along with a bit of barking. I could see their teeth – they are pretty impressive. But more impressive were their acrobatics to keep their appendages above water.

I have never seen so many jellyfish on a paddle. In Johnstone Strait last week we saw a couple “Lionsmane” (these guys sting). In Cow Bay was saw many many “Fried Egg” jellyfish. These guys are not dangerous and were fascinating to watch. There was a large one near the surface, that we could see ‘pulse’ up and down. The tentacles floating effortlessly in the water.

We have them here too: Canada Geese. We decided to make it a bit more exciting for the group that was in our way….

And then almost back to our put-in we met the really loud guys: sea lions who somehow hauled themselves up on the dock. They barked at us and we gave them their space.

Oh and we saw swans! They winter here in the Cowichan Valley. Since we saw several, we know that fall is on the way!

Pretty nice entertainment on a couple hour paddle close to home!

3 thoughts on “Wildlife Wonders

      1. Thank you for the kind offer. I would love to visit. As of now Barb is really nervous about travelling. I can’t get her to even think of trips for late 2021!


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