A lesson in logging

The water views affords us the ability to see all the comings and goings on the water. Today was something new – we saw the creation of a log boom.

First, the little tugs came out carrying what seemed like a kilometre long strand of logs. This was to become the boom containment edge.

Then we saw the big ship full of logs, start listing heavily to one side. It looked like it was going to capsize.

Then all of a sudden the logs slipped into the water, and the tugs got busy corralling them into the boom.

Then the ship righted itself by emptying the pontoons of water, and it started to look ‘normal’ again.

It all finished by the tugs taking the log boom down further into the Ladysmith inlet to the sawmill. We passed the sawmill on our ride the other day and the smell of fresh cut cedar was intoxicating. The logs in the boom were huge – we grow big trees here on the island!

The cool thing about this experience was that we watched it all from our big picture window and the deck and kept us entertained for a couple of hours. What a treat! Life is good!

One thought on “A lesson in logging

  1. It’s neat to see the ship almost on it’s side. I wonder what it must be like to actually be on the ship when it does this. Maybe they have to wear seat belts!


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