This post was going to be titled “Green” but you will understand why by the end.

We traded our electric wheels for sturdy non-electric legs and explored one of the many trails around Ladysmith. With the town nestling up against a mountain, there is no shortage of trails to investigate. So we did the 7km Holland Creek Trail. A lovely trail up and down and around Holland Creek. The huge fir trees, new growth, ferns, mosses, deciduous trees, and a multitude of other plants made a for a wide-ranging palette of green shades. It was beautiful and so different than Ontario. The trees are so tall and so big. The pictures speak for themselves.

It rained a bit but the canopy is thick enough we barely noticed it. Where we did notice it was when we got home and saw a stunning rainbow ON THE WATER. It intensified, and stayed for a long time, and graduated into a ‘classic’ arc over the land. It was something we had never seen before and such a gift. Another ‘pinch me is this real’ moment in our short time here on the island.

A rainbow on the water!
Stunning view from our living room!

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