Fitting for a year of climate extremes, we have had quite the snowfall this week. It almost makes us feel we are back in Ontario, except that the ‘frigid’ temperatures of -7°C or so are not quite as extreme as we are used to. With a bit colder temps, however, the snow is dry and fluffy and really very pretty to see. We expect more in the coming days, so while not record breaking like that storm of 1996, it’s still pretty significant for the area. It will likely impact us mostly at the grocery store in the coming months as the farmers on the Lower Mainland, still reeling from flood damage, now try to cope with freezing temperatures for crops, cattle and other livestock.

In the mean time, I am enjoying getting my snow fix, as I enjoy show the light, clouds and mountains put on, snow covered trees and scenery, and and walks in the snow.

With clouds gone, the mountains reappeared, with a very low snowline!
We have to constantly thaw the hummingbird feeder so the birds can survive. (cropped picture taken through a window so not super sharp)

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