Welcome to Spring

We feel like it’s been spring for a couple weeks but today it’s official – it’s now spring. With the recent move to DST, we have been able to see some spectacular sunrises this week. We know this won’t last long since the days will be getting longer and longer. But the longer days means we will be able to enjoy sunlit evenings on the deck and later sunsets through the summer.

The intense colour happens before the sun rises, and then softens to beautiful pastels once the sun is above the horizon, outlining the mainland mountains beautifully. Views from our deck are amazing!

Soft pastels are magical.

So we had the brilliant idea to do a sunrise paddle this morning to herald the official start of spring. As usual, we packed the car the night before. We had great intentions but when we rose at 5am, we saw that it was still raining and we knew the cloud cover would be thick enough to prevent the glorious colour we saw earlier in the week. So Bill went back to bed, and I stayed up and watched the cloud cover reveal itself (and no colours).

But then at about 9:00 am the sun came out so we decided to get out on the water. Winds were predicted to pick up in the afternoon so we had to use the window.

We launched in nice sunshine, but the clouds soon come in and yes we got some soft rain which really didn’t bother us in our drysuits.

Sun was promising….
It looks like the apocalypse is nigh, but it wasn’t really that bad!

It was indeed a short paddle, but at least we got out on the water and enjoyed the first day of spring.

Coming home we found the first flowers on our tree which we figured appropriate for the first day of spring. In about a week, our street will be pink glory! Stay tuned.

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