The In-Betweens

The last couple of weeks have seen copious amounts of rain. So much rain. There were many days where it POURED ALL DAY. I can’t remember seeing or experiencing so much rain. Thankfully we were spared the power outages that often accompany Island storms due to the trees that come down in the high winds. So we have nothing to complain about, especially since we are not shovelling!

We have discovered, however, we have to keep a close watch on the weather forecast to find those in-between times where we can get outside and enjoy some activity. Even if the outing is short, the respite from the rain and, if we are lucky, some glorious sunshine, sustains us until the next outing by taking advantage of these moments.

Of course with all the rain, there is water, water everywhere. Water courses that are trickles in the summer are now full streams; small streams are now rushing rivers. Waterfalls are very full and appear where you would not see them in the summer.

Earlier this week we revisited Stocking Creek. It’s a <3km walk but it’s really pretty down into a valley, along the creek with a waterfall. It was a day that was still a bit unsettled, but there were rays of sunshine, proven by this leaf that seems to be on fire.

The creek was rushing and had swollen into a good size river, compared to when we were there in mid-November. The falls were very loud with the high volume of water tumbling over the edge. We continued along the creek and had to walk around several puddles pools of water. But the verdant greens, sound of the water and the movement made it a great walk.

A couple days ago the afternoon promised either no rain, or a little, so we struck out on our bikes. We did get a bit wet, but when we got to the beach, the sun came out, between the clouds, and made us smile and be happy to be out. The roads were still wet, so even though we all have fendered bikes, faces and jackets were splattered with dirt and mud, making our effort very visible and worth it.

With all the rainy weather, colourful sunrises are few and far between. But we were treated to one this week.

Today the forecast indicated sunshine in the afternoon, We didn’t want to dodge a lot of puddles or risk twisted ankles on wet slimy mud or rocks etc., so we found a hike that was primarily along a logging road up part of Maple Mountain to a small lake. It was lovely. The sun shone, the sky was blue, we had some nice vistas.

See if you can find the bikers
Rainsford Lake

And we were all energized by a great hike!

So by taking full advantage of the In-Betweens we can find beauty, exercise and together time. The Wet Coast is a good place to be!

2 thoughts on “The In-Betweens

    1. -10 still seems to be a nice temp for a walk! Ask us in 3 years if that is still the case! Our winter temps are between 3 and 10C. Very civilized! And I am sure soon anything less will seem really cold!


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