Glamping Season is Open

We have a lot of plans for camping (glamping) in Loytää this summer, so we started with a “tuneup” trip this past weekend at a campground right on the Sooke River, only just over 1 hr drive away. We had a site facing the river and really enjoyed the water burbling over the rocks at low tide, and the multitude of birds ducks, and otters enjoying the river.  We were glad we were not in the tenting section: an open field full of goose poop from the many Canada Geese that seemed to really like the area.  Under the threat of not ideal weather, and the campground only opening on April 1, it was not very busy, an added bonus. 

We chose this campground because it was close to home and it allowed us to easily paddle and cycle without driving anywhere, and we took full advantage of that.  Weather turned out better than expected; a mix of sun and clouds.  Morning were quite cool, so we spent them chilling at the site, or finding sunshine to warm up.  

Boating for Blossoms

Sunday afternoon we did a lovely, albeit short, paddle up the Sooke River as far as we could until the current was too strong because of the grade and narrow, shallow waters.  We enjoyed the large moss covered trees, large rock walls, blossoming trees, and being in the sunshine.  It was pretty nice!  For all the fun, and more picture, watch the video HERE.    As whenever we go paddling, gear drying out always looks like a garage sale, even in a campsite.

Biking the Trails

The Galloping Goose is an awesome trail, especially in the Sooke area.  We have not ridden it since 2021 and it was great to enjoy it again.  The ride up past the Sooke Potholes park is beautiful.  It hugs the steep rocky banks for the Sooke River, where we had lovely stops to see the potholes and mini-waterfalls.  We crossed trestle bridges, and loved the bright-green moss covered rocks and towering trees.  It was cool under significant cloud cover, but the sun came out near the end and warmed our fingers again. 

We warmed up some more with Happy Hour in the sunshine back at the campsite!

Happy Birthday Bill

Bill turned into a true ‘Old Fart’ celebrating his 65th birthday, on Tuesday and we were to celebrate with a bike ride the other way on the trail, along the Sooke Basin, towards Victoria.  Pulling the bike out of the trailer, he found his back tire flat.  We have had many flat tires over the past couple of years, so he has become quite adept at changing the tube (it’s a ‘Blue’ job!).  No problem.  Again, since the morning was quite cool, we waited until after lunch, and it was a beautiful sunny ride. We stopped for a snack and a rest in the sunshine at Pedder Bay. When we started again, lo and behold, Bill’s bike had another flat.  So I gave up my spare tube, but both Bill and John could not get it fixed.  Have a great birthday Bill! I rode the 15km back to the campsite, disconnected Loytää and drove back to pick him up. I found a great use for addd battery power on the bike. I cranked it up to Tour and did my own time trial; did it in 31 minutes.

We turned the woes around in the evening with a mini-celebration, bringing out the now-standard-embarrass-the-birthday-person hat. His birthday cake was a snack that married the two most important food groups for Bill: chocolate and bacon (thank-you Nicky!).  Thanks again to Heather and John for the Chocoholics’ Emergency kit full of more chocolate! It significantly reduced the sting of the tire failures.

All in all, it was a great 4 days spent doing the things we love, with good friends, in this beautiful place we call home. 

3 thoughts on “Glamping Season is Open

  1. What a great start to the camping season. So much fun and the weather turned out better than we expected!! 🌞


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