“Butt to the Beach”

OMG – I can’t believe it’s been over 3 weeks since I last wrote anything.  It’s not because we have not done anything, It’s a combination of weather that has not been spectacular (think more snow, rain, cloudy cold days), a lot of what we do is now ‘normal’ so I don’t take as many pictures, and I’ve been too busy in the last week to write because all of a sudden the weather is better and we are too busy 😉

So, since last writing, as we recovered from yet another Snowmaggedon the last week of February, we have done some hikes in the snow (and some mud), had a good friend visit from Ottawa, did a few bike rides, and of course a few paddles. Even though we complained about the lateness of the arrival of spring, and searched endlessly for blossoms and blooms, we still are amazed at life on the Island.

The highlight of this past week, though, was our Surf Course in Tofino.  Having no experience is kayaking in large swells and surf, we decided it was time to expand our skill set.  So we signed up and admittedly were a bit nervous about what we would experience.  Our instructors, Patti and Yves, however, from Go Kayak helped us gain the skills and confidence to handle these kinds of conditions.  While we are by no means experts, their clear explanations, detailed and patient coaching made us understand the basics and we practiced and had tons of fun.  The title of this entry comes from the skill we worked on – edging the boat, ‘butt to the beach” to allow the waves to flow UNDER the boat without tipping over. Yes, we dumped when we made mistakes, but in shallow waters, by a beautiful sandy beach, the risks were minimized, allowing us to be successful.  We still revel in the excitement, exhilaration and fun we had.  It was a great experience.  This VIDEO, created by Patti and Yves pretty much sums it up. Enjoy.

The last couple of days have been wonderfully warm and sunny ones, under cloudless blue sky, so we have biked and today did an amazing paddle on a lake.  We smiled all day as we enjoyed being back on the water under such wonderful conditions.  Having our ‘debrief’, at a local cafe, sitting in the sunshine, was the icing on the cake.  

So we have been busy, and believe it or not, we hope for some rainy weather now so we can catch up on things around the house!

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