Back on Bald

After many days of grey skies and another snowfall, we found a day that promised sunshine and no precipitation, so the sunshine and fresh snow beckoned to get out and hike to enjoy it.  

We were initially scared by the severe (by Island standards) cold temperatures forecasted, so we dug out all winter hiking supplies.  But thankfully, the revised forecast looked much better with temperatures just below freezing and no wind.  

So it was back to Bald Mountain to introduce Ottawa-transplants John and Dianne to one of our favourite hikes.  We started just before noon to ensure we enjoyed the ‘heat’ of the day

And it was a great hike:

  • great views all along the climb.
  • interesting ice formations under foot
  • there was not as much snow as we expected, so we could bare boot it all the way up

We may have been overdressed in our gaiters, especially compared to the one person we met in running shoes and no socks!  We did pull out our large down coats we used so many years ago on our winter hikes in the Adirondacks, so we took a picture for old times’ sake.

We enjoyed lunch at the top with gorgeous views, and a sun dog high in the sky above the lake.  

It as a beautiful day that again convinced us we all made the right decision to move here!

For a closer view at the route and a few more pictures, click HERE

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