Who Needs the Sun?

Tofino is this magical place on the west coast of the Island; we have been many times and each time it’s different and wonderful in its own way.

We booked this first weekend in February, because prices are lower than March for accommodation and camp sites.  In Tofino lingo it’s “Storm Watching” season, not “Low” season.   And last year, we had an awesome time; even though the forecast was not great, we had lots of sunshine and great hikes and bike rides, so you can’t always believe the weather forecast.

Well, this year it was a lot different.  The forecast called for heavy rains and wind, and for once it was pretty accurate.  We didn’t cancel, based on the forecast,  because we would have lost the money we paid for the campsite, and we knew we would have fun anyway.

So what does one do when the weather is constant rain with high winds?  There is lots to do:

We were camping in Loytää, and Nicky and Derek had a 1-bedroom condo at Cox Bay Resort, so we had an ‘out’ from the van, even though we are still very comfortable in it, and don’t find it cramped.  

So this weekend, we

Relaxed and read by the fire

Played games in a room, sheltered from the wind and rain, with great views of the wind, water and waves.

Walked the beaches, even in the rain.  We appreciated the power of the ocean with the huge waves, with rooster tails of wind-blown spray off the crests.  We met many happy dogs (they don’t care about the rain), found lots of sand dollars, and admired the many wet logs and stumps with infinite numbers of interesting shapes. With the right gear and large umbrellas (when it was not too windy), we had fun.

Watched the brave surfers.  Not all wavy days are ideal.  The first day the water was very ‘mixed’ with lots of waves but close together and short.  The next day, the rollers were more regularly spaced and stretched across longer expanses, so the surfers could make some good runs.

Ate great meals (and drank a bit of wine, even exceeding the 2 drinks per week now recommended).

While we didn’t get to ride our bikes, we still had a lot of fun and enjoyed being mesmerized and energized by the power of the waves and wind, and enjoying time together.

We will come back in better weather, and ride the path that we love so much, and maybe even paddle!  I’m glad we went this weekend. We provide that even with ‘less-than-perfect’ weather, a weekend in Tofino can be enjoyed. 

The weather on the drive back today was mercurial.  We drove through rain, fog and sometimes hints of clearing skies. Then we enjoyed a surprise of bright blue skies and sunshine during our lunch stop.  I just soaked up the warmth of the sun while we chatted with a very adventurous Floridian who had driven his 5th wheel up to Alaska and has recently just spent 3 months on the Island enjoying its beauty and charm.  We said good bye and wished him well on his venture back to Nanaimo and then off to Port Renfrew!  We admire nomads like him (he has been living in his trailer for 3 years), but decided we like our little van, and the shorter adventures we can do, and being able to have somewhere special to call home.

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