Snowmageddon 2022

I’m not sure what global warming is because so far this winter it has not been warmer, but it has had unusual weather, and I am sure that some would say that it’s thanks to global warming.  Whatever the reason, we just experienced a major snowstorm that dumped 30+ cm on our area of the island, as well as the lower mainland, especially Vancouver Airport.  And there may be more to come.

So what does this mean?

The good news is that it’s really pretty.  Fresh white snow, and lots of it, makes the trees look very Christmassy, covers up any brown and dead/dying grass and bushes, as well as the dirty snow left from the last dump in late November.  We will very likely have a white Christmas.

The changing skies of dark snow-laden clouds over the mainland put on a good show, and then at one point the sun shone on the snowy trees, bathing the view in brilliant light; it almost made me hopeful.

The bad news is that Bill had to shovel this morning.  We thought we left that behind, but when the car is buried, one must unbury it.    The good news is that we got creative and figured out a way to house both the car, and Bubbles (the trailer), in which the bikes can be stored and charged, in the garage, so any further inclement weather will not bother us as much!

The other bad news is that flights for both Eric and Kirk were cancelled today as well.  We managed to get Eric booked on the same flights tomorrow, but we are still waiting on Kirk’s rebooking from Toronto.  When flying a budget airline, options are limited at Christmas time, in a snowstorm.  Scheduled flights are already oversold, and with the airline trying place a couple planeloads of people on remaining flights, we shudder to think when he may actually arrive.  

Patiently waiting

So in the mean time, we will enjoy the snow and the scenery and continue to be hopeful for the boys’ safe arrival in time to celebrate a family Christmas, that we have not been able to do since 2019.

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