Moon & Sun

Today we continued our Thanksgiving tradition of a sunrise paddle. When you start paddling at 6:30 a.m., you get to see both the moon and the sun. This year we got to share the experience with Brad and Kim, which made it more special.

Conditions could not have been better. It was warm at 11°C, no wind, and the moon was almost full when we started. Pictures are a little blurry at this low light, but you get the idea!

The best time for the colours is that 30 minutes before the sun actually peeks over the horizon. So we paddled ‘around the corner’ from Elliott Cove beach and drifted in the channel, watching the show, which changed by the minute. We were treated to shades of pinks and yellows, that spilled across the water. It was simply beautiful.

Once the sun was ‘up’, the colours faded and so we started back to shore.

To see the sun, we had to wait for it to rise above the trees and hills of Thetis Island. We suddenly saw red sun reflected in the windows of the waterfront homes, so we had to stop, turn around, and greet the sun properly!

It’s such a great way to celebrate the the life and love for which we are thankful. We hope to do this for many more years.

2 thoughts on “Moon & Sun

  1. What a magnificent paddle! Launching in the dark and watching the sunrise with good friends was priceless. Thank you for including Brad & I in your Thanksgiving tradition. We have a lot to give thanks for.


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