My Favourite Things

The mercurial weather of Tofino manifested itself on Wednesday, our last full day.  It dawned cloudy and rainy, but at lunch the skies cleared, and we had beautiful sunny warm weather.  Time for another bike ride!  And what a ride it was!  A little bit of everything and some fun adventures.

We started on the path towards Incinerator Rock on Long Beach, savouring the trees, curves, and sunshine on the path, and just soaking up the fun.

What a view!

At the beach, we decided to reprise our beach riding and rode 6 km down the beach on packed sand. The riding seemed effortless and we just enjoyed the freedom and wide open views.  I slalomed around kelp piles, enjoyed the scenery, and we all had smiles on our face. 

We stopped at a ‘cove’ with some big rocks and climbed them, and we found some beautiful tidal pools.

There were steps on this one, so we had to walk a bit

From there, we rode a boardwalk path over to Combers Beach! There was nobody on this beach so we had complete freedom.  

We had to figure out a way to get back to the path, so we found another boardwalk, and then a steep uphill hiking trail to get us back to a parking lot.  We all boosted our power and made it up the hill through the sunlight-dappled, towering trees.

To see the entire route on a map, click here.

These are a few of my favourite things: scenery, ocean, waves, trees, biking challenges, biking firsts, good times with friends, ice cream, evenings around the fire.  This day had it all!   

To see the entire route on a map, click here.

On the way home on Thursday, we stopped once more at Wickaninnish Beach, and the waves, sun and light was beautiful. We stored all the memories of a great trip with wonderful friends, and enjoyed the drive home. We will be back to this special place!

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