Biking Beaches

Tofino is one of our favourite places because it lets us walk its endless sand beaches, ride the fantastic bike path, and enjoy time of the wet coast of the island.  So it was time for a “Tofino fix” and we booked a campsite with the same dates as Kim and Brad so we could enjoy time together  And enjoy time we have!

We were ever hopeful when the forecast seemed to indicate continued summer weather that we have been enjoying throughout September.  Our drive across the island, under sunny and blue skies was spectacular.  Each lake we passed was mirror smooth.

Cameron Lake

We stopped for lunch at Long Beach and marvelled at the sunbathers (in October?!).  We did a long walk along the beach, barefoot, splashing in the water, enjoying the sunshine, the treasures of the sea and the many water and sand patterns. 

It was such a special feeling to enjoy such summery weather at this time of year.  The parking lots were full and everyone was smiling.

Well, the weatherman was wrong, because on Monday we woke up to thick fog and cool, damp weather.  What a difference 24 hours makes!

It didn’t matter.  We went for a bike ride anyway.  The brand new bike path extends from Tofino to Ucleulet. With new pavement, gentle ups and down, and serpentine s-curves, through towering trees of the rain forest, it is a perfect bike ride.  We never tire of it, and it always fills our souls with happiness.  Every time I ride this I am still gobsmacked that we get to live in this place and enjoy days like this.  We rode almost the whole way to Ucluelet, deciding to stop at Wikininish Beach and enjoy the quiet, fog-shrouded beach.  The signs along the path of ‘bear in the area’ were quite accurate; they seemed to like the bike path as their bathroom.  We evaded several fresh piles, full of berries.  But we never saw the beast! 

Long Beach in the fog
An absolutely wonderful 60 km bike ride.

Yesterday it was still cloudy and so we explored beaches by bike!  We rode down to Cox Bay and saw lots and lots of surfers in the water.  As usually, more were sitting, waiting for the perfect wave, than were up and riding the waves.  Then we rode to the beautiful Chesterman  Beach, timing it for low tide.  We rode on the hard sand in the intertidal zone, out to the islands, and then along the beach all the way to the Wikinninish Lodge,  What a riot, and such a great feeling of freedom.  Topped off with a gelato on the way home, it was a pretty perfect day!

Chesterman Beach, low tide

It’s kinda rainy this morning, hence the time to write this up.  It may just be a ‘games’ day in the campsite, which is a good day too!

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