A Ride for Everyone

We rode the 2022 edition of the Tour de Victoria yesterday, on the 100 km route, and what a great day it was.  Although we were timed, this was not a race, it’s a ride.  And it’s all inclusive.  There are 8 distances, including a Kids ride.  So there were riders of all ages, all shapes, expensive road bikes and e-bikes.  We were so impressed by the 9-year old that completed the 45 km ride, with significant hills.  So it lived up to its theme of “A Ride for Everyone”.

We left in the largest group – those doing 60 or 100 km.  We shared in the energy and excitement in the crowd waiting to leave.  The beginning is a little crazy, we needed to watch a lot of people around us and especially for the ‘aggressive’ riders that want to go really fast. 

The route is so much fun to ride because of the variety and beautiful scenery.  Yes, there were some big and steep hills in the highlands area, but the descents were fun. The sections where the road wound around curves, up and down through forests, and past some rural properties, brought smiles to our faces.  Then we rode past some gorgeous houses with expansive views of the ocean. And then we rode along the ocean, on our favourite route, from Cadboro Bay back to the Legislative buildings.  The route is well designed, and the marshalling and volunteers along the route made sure we were safe and didn’t get lost!   We got extra boosts of energy from the many people on the side of the road clapping, ringing bells, and encouraging us along.  

The registration site states total elevation on the 100 km ride as 1400m; I clocked it at 1278m. Either number is impressive! I did appreciate the extra boost of power on the really steep grades, and I’m sure some of the non-ebikers were swearing under their gasping breaths as I passed them on the hills.  But there was an element of self-preservation in doing so; I wanted to be sure I finished!  

Bill & Nicky at highest point, after steep climb

There was a total of 5 of us that rode.  Nicky, Bill and I formed the e-bike trio, and stuck together.  Lydia sped ahead on her road bike on the 100 km route, and Corey challenged himself on the 160 km route and finished in good time.  Congratulations to him!  

15 km to go!

We completed the ride in 5.5 hr, which is pretty good we figured.  It’s not about the time though.  It was simply a fantastic day for a bike ride, in perfect weather, with great people, and we all loved it.  We’ll be back next year!  

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