Rockies Circle Pt 5 Perfection

Not sure how we could top yesterday’s paddle but we almost did it with a fantastic ride and hike today.

We wanted to hike Iceline trail on Yoho Valley, which we did in 2005 with the boys, but we also wanted to bike to the trailhead, since it was only 13 km and 300 m up We were not sure we could do both, so we took the Old Farts way out. We decided to bike in the morning to see Takakka (so named Takawakka by Eric and Kirk in 2005) Falls, chill in the afternoon at the campsite , and then hike the 5 km around Emerald Lake and splurge for dinner at the lodge. Good decision!

The ride to the falls was spectacular. We could appreciate the mountains all around, the rushing waters of the Yoho River and then the the deep gorge carved by the river a little higher up.

The falls were spectacular. The water tumbling over the side of the mountain was thunderous, and as we go close to the base we were soaked by the spray. It was a fantastic experience. There seemed to be a lot more water than when we were there with the boys, probably because it was later in the summer.

The ride back was a little quicker and just as enjoyable. We loved doing this by bike. We are enjoying the fact that we can carry boats and bikes in the trailer. It allows us to have these experiences.

The walk around Emerald Lake was magical. It was not challenging at all but the green mountain lake, with mountains all around was beautiful. We decided we need to come up with an exclamation other than “WOW”! But that essentially sums it up. See this video to relive our experience!

We topped the day off with a delicious and memorable meal in the restaurant of the Emerald Lake Lodge, being lucky to snag a window view of the lake.

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