Rockies Circle Pt 3: WOW!

We left Redwater very early today because we decided to change our itinerary, and try to get a ‘first-come-first-served’ site at a Yoho NP campground near Field, BC. We could not get any reservations in the national parks, but we were told that if we were there by early afternoon, we could be reasonably assured of a spot.  This is an ideal location because we want to paddle on Lake Louise and hike in Yoho so staying here for 3 nights would save a lot of gas and time.  We were successful.  We arrived by 2:30 and secured a spot in the park!

What a drive it was.  The first part from Redwater, past Edmonton and down Hwy 2 towards Red Deer, was uninspiring; more flat land and fields.  But after we turned right just before Red Deer, and started west, the scenery changed pretty quickly.  We first when though some rolling foothills, and the farming changed from crops to ranching.  It was pretty to see, and the road was so straight we could see the mountains in the distance.  

This lake had whitecaps. The wind was pretty strong and tugged at the tall vehicle!

As we made our way further west, and closer to the Banff NP border, the scenery once again became stunning with green/blue lakes, and snow capped mountains.  We kept saying “WOW”.  We turned left on Hwy 93, the Icefields Parkway, and it was great to be back on my favourite road in Canada.  The surrounding mountains soar right beside you, sometimes with a lake in front, with interesting fold patterns and glaciers hanging at the top of the mountains.  We couldn’t stop at every viewpoint, even though we wanted to, because we wanted to get to the campground in time.  But the drive was simply stunning, made even more so by the  blue bird day.  We could not have asked for more. I have more pictures, of course, but uploading via hotspot limits what I can do!

The views in our rear view mirrors are often as stunning as ahead of us!

P.S. We were stopped; I did not take this while driving.
Bow Lake

Our home for the next 3 nights is in Kicking Horse Campground, on the banks of the Kicking Horse River, at the base of the pass, in Yoho Valley.  We can see soaring mountains from our campsite, and we enjoyed a quick walk along the river after we settled into our campsite.  We are really glad we got a spot here, and are excited for the next couple days of adventures in the mountains. Stay tuned!

Beside the Kicking Horse River

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