Mother’s Day is probably one of the biggest day for flowers in the year, and I celebrate Mom’s far, near, and gone. Both my Mom and my Mother-in-law were very special people, and I do miss them. When Mom passed away we celebrated her life with sunflowers because it encapsulated her essence. So today, I will wear these in honour of her memory. Thanks to Nicky for the thoughtful gift!

And there are other flowers of significance today. As many who have started travelling the world, we start our Portuguese adventure, originally planned for September 2020. With the ups and downs of Covid, we did not let ourselves get too excited, but we are officially excited now! We will spend 3 weeks exploring this country by foot, kayak, car and train. I learned that the national flower is Lavender, one of my favourites, so this trip was meant to be!

So from BC, where the provincial flower is in full bloom, to Portugal, ,stay tuned for more adventures.

Happy Mother’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. So looking forward to posts on your trip!! I’ve been there once before for a 10-day organized bike tour (Alentejo & Algarve).

    But….we’re planning an 8-10 week cycling adventure there in the Fall. I’ve just started the detailed route planning (it will be a pannier trip with extended stays in 3 or 4 regions). Can’t wait to see what you get up to.

    Safe travels (and Happy Mother’s Day!). Cheers, Ruth.


    1. Wow that is amazing. Our will be a whistle stop tour compared to yours. We will be Lisbon and further north to Porto where we start our 10-day kayak trip down the Douro River. Everyone I talk to says Portugal is magical! We are looking forward to it! Take care.


  2. Happy Mother’s Day ! Have a wonderful trip. We are looking forward to hearing all about your adventures! 😊 Safe travels!!


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