Nicky and Derek decided they needed a Tofino getaway so we went along, but did it with a twist.  

We glamped in Loytää, at Surf Grove campground, a mere 10-minute walk down the beach from where Nicky and Derek stayed at Cox Bay Resort.  This way, we could be together during the day, and share dinners, and then we went home to sleep.  It was a pretty perfect getaway, and this is how perfection was achieved:


After a dreary January with never-ending rain, fog and cloudy skies, I was so happy to see this alert on my phone, days before we were to leave.  The forecast for the couple of days we planned to be in Tofino seemed to yo-yo back and forth between torrential rains and sunny skies, so we were not sure what to expect.  We did drive through some pretty heavy rain but the soft misty & foggy views and cascading water off the rocks by the highway provided beautiful scenery along the way.   

Monday, however, dawned with promise of much better weather, and it did not disappoint!  When we saw blue skies and even sunshine, we all did a happy dance and were giddy with excitement!  It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for the soul after a month of dreary weather!  We did a short bike ride into Tofino and then parked our bikes and walked down to Tonquin beach where we enjoyed a picnic lunch in the sun.  It was perfection!

Sunny Tonquin Beach

We even could sit outside to soak up the sunshine after arriving back at our campsite. Note the big smiles!

Experience the Sunsets

Tofino is well known for its sunsets and we enjoyed two evenings with spectacular sunsets over Cox Bay.  I never seem to tire of a beautiful sunset, and it really is the perfect way to end a wonderful day of activity and togetherness.  It’s like icing on the cake.

Ride a Bike

We’ve biked the path from Tofino to Long Beach before, but Tuesday’s ride was such a delight, and so much fun.  The path winds through the forest, on brand new pavement, with lots of S-curves and small ups and downs.  With no traffic on the path, we all loved driving our Formula-1 bikes through the curves and just having fun.  We stopped at Long Beach and enjoyed the scenery, and then turned around and did it all again on the way back.  What a hoot – one of my favourite bike path rides ever!  Perfection!

Walk the Beach

Everybody loves to walk the long sand beaches! There were not too many surfers out but we enjoyed the scenery of waves, logs, sand dollars and all other kinds of treasures. It’s always so fun, as well, to watch the joy the many dogs have, running free. There is never a sad dog on the beach.

Be Together

Even though we had separate home bases, we spent a lot of time together enjoying each other’s company, doing the things we love. Whether it was a bike ride, a walk through the forest, taking pictures or enjoying a glass of wine during sunset, it was all perfect times together. 

Lunch at the Wik

Inside looking out!

The Wickaninnish Inn is a luxury hotel, situated on a spectacular rocky beach on the north end of Chesterman Beach; one that we will likely never be able to afford to stay in.  But we could afford lunch at their restaurant and enjoyed a very memorable and delicious lunch overlooking the ocean, beach and rocks.  Perfect!

Quiet Campground

If you want to camp in Tofino in the summer, you need to make reservations 12 months in advance.  If, however, you want to brave the ‘cold’ temperatures and camp in January, there are LOTS of spots available.   The campground was very deserted and it did feel a bit lonely, but given how crowded RV campgrounds can be when they are full, it was very peaceful and we enjoyed it.  Being steps away from Cox Beach, it’s a perfect location to spend a couple nights. 

Rise Early

We do get up very early, especially when we are camping, and today was no exception because we had to be on our way early.  We did one last pre-dawn walk on the beach, and even when there is very little light, there is beauty to be seen.  A perfect way to say good-by to Tofino, until the next time!

So walks on the beach, lunch in the sun on a beach, watching sunsets, an exhilarating bike ride, great meals, and yes, a glass of wine or two, to celebrate good times together in the beauty of this place we call home, made for a pretty perfect couple of days!

4 thoughts on “Perfection!

  1. Hi Anita. Here a note of admiration from your uncle Bram. I very much enjoy the descriptions and especially the photos you sent so regularly. Thank you! Would you do me a favour and send me the e-mail addresses of you, your sister, and Frank-John That would be very helpful. Thanks.
    Uncle Bram


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