Autumn Splendour

With the months-long drought we experienced this summer, we expected to have a lack-lustre fall, but we have been so pleasantly surprised. While the colours seem earlier than last year, we have been admiring and enjoying deep reds and brilliant yellows all around us, maybe thanks to the very soggy October we have had so far. Whatever the reason, we are embracing it and we did another trip in Loytää this week, with our friends John and Heather. In our ‘twin vans’, we camped on the Saanich peninsula and had a blast exploring a new area.

RV Park ‘camping’ is still a new experience for us. We are still agog at the size of rigs that people haul and drive around. Our van seemed like a pipsqueak beside them, but we didn’t really care. While the luxuries of power and water are very welcome, the campsites are really merely a parking spot, with some shrubs and bushes between them. Heather and John’s site was actually very lovely, with a view of the water, so we hung out there for joint dinners, and evenings outside playing games. I am sure the people snuggled in their 50′ rigs thought we were crazy, but we stayed warm and cozy and had a good time.

On Monday, before going to the campsite, we did one of our favourite bike rides in Victoria along the waterfront. It was a perfect sunny day for a ride, and we enjoyed the colours, fresh air and the Olympic mountains that slowly revealed themselves as we rode.

The highlight of our week, was our visit to Butchart Gardens. It was an easy 10-km ride from our campground. A season’s pass this year has enabled me to see it in all seasons, and we seemed to luck out being there on Tuesday, at the peak of the fall season.

Beyond the beautiful displays of pumpkins and fall mums, the trees displayed so many shades of reds, and still had all their leaves; it was spectacular.

The weather was overcast but that made it perfect for pictures, without harsh shadows from the sun.

The star of the show was definitely the Japanese Garden with waterfalls and ponds, beautiful maples, curated shrubs and tranquility. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. It was a stunning show.

We made time for beach walks as well. The wind, waves, clouds and typical beached logs made for a delightful walk.

On the way home, we stopped at Goldstream Provincial Park and had a short walk to a set of falls. The golden leaves, contrasted with the many green trees and mosses made for a delightful walk.

It was a great week to enjoy the beauty of fall. We stayed warm, dry, and cozy in our van. We enjoyed fun time with friends, and Loytää even had a friend!

Added bonus! On the way home we got a glimpse of towering Mt. Baker through a break in the clouds, just before the rain restarted!

(a bit grainy; it’s a cropped iPhone photo!)

3 thoughts on “Autumn Splendour

  1. We really enjoyed Butchart Gardens too. Looks like you timed the fall colours perfectly. Barb and I loved the water fountain display too.
    There were still lots of blooming flowers too.


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