Time to give Thanks

It’s the weekend where we pause and think about how our life is blessed. Bill and I have so much for which to be thankful, and here are just a few. No fancy pictures today, just thoughts of thankfulness.


We retired ‘early’ by some standards, but we wanted to maximize time together, enjoying the activities we love to do, for as long as we can.  Time is a precious commodity and we are determined not to waste it; we are thankful for each day.


We were pretty sure that we would settle well on Vancouver Island but truly did not expect to have it feel like home so quickly.  When we went back to Ottawa in May, and it did not feel like ‘coming home’, we knew for sure that we had settled in our true home and feel very fortunate to live where we do.  


We seem to have an endless supply of these, and expect to continue to find ways to stretch ourselves outdoors while enjoying the beauty around us.  Especially now that we have Loytää, our camper van, we know that our adventures will continue, and will start being a bit further from home.

New Friends 

We are glad we joined the paddling club because we have found new friends, with similar interests.  We were a little isolated during Covid, but now that we have more opportunities to socialize and be active with them, we have been able to grow these friendships which I’m sure will continue.  Starting a book club has also allowed me to meet some other types of friends.


Our boys really are not kids or children anymore; we are very thankful that, as young men, they are forging their own lives.     Eric is facing tough times right now, undergoing chemo treatments, and has a wonderful partner in Zoe, along with great support from her parents.  Kirk continues to blossom in London, with a new job and flat, and a great partner in WooJin.  They have a wonderful partnership.  Our only regret, right now, is that distance, health and Covid prevent us from spending a lot of time together as a family.   

Sister (and brother-in-law) 

We are so thankful that we created a “Covid bubble” with Nicky and Derek. They provided support, guidance and companionship when it was difficult to expand social networks. They continue to be a very important part of our life, and we are thankful that we are so close geographically and in our hearts.

Happy Thanksgiving to all

2 thoughts on “Time to give Thanks

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to our Stewart family. We indeed are blessed to have you in our lives. Love Derek

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  2. We are so glad we met you guys, and look forward to future activities and adventures with both of you. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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