Successful Rookies!

We are safely back home after a fantastic trip to Tofino in our new camper van, Loytää. We think we did pretty good as RV Rookies. Of course there is still a lot more to learn, and items to buy, for life on the road, but we got a lot right, thanks to our camping experience. We also picked up a lot of ideas from the friends we spent time with, who have a lot of experience. We had cool weather, wet weather and some glorious sunny weather and we adapted as needed. Most importantly, we learned that we like this mode of travel and look forward to doing it a lot more.

I seemed to have written my previous entry too soon because on Wednesday the sun came out in the afternoon, and we lizarded a bit in the afternoon, soaking up the rays and chatting. Then we decided to make the most of it, so we had dinner on the beach, and watched the sun set. It was the quintessential Tofino evening and we are glad we had one, among the rainy and cloudy days that we thought we were going to have.

Early morning walks on the beach were enjoyable too. We watched the sun rise above the trees and then flood the beach in sunshine.

Yesterday we repeated our bike ride from the day before. Bill’s hamstring seemed to tolerate it well so we did it again, because it’s such a great trail and Bill was so glad he could get back on the bike!

We did get a kick out of the signage. The curvy trail sign was quite accurate. The ‘hill’ sign was a bit overstated; they were short easy slopes rather than steep hills.

Long Beach is a great place to walk, watch the surfers, or just admire the beauty.

This trip was made so memorable by the evenings spent around the fire, singing our hearts out on all the ‘old’ songs familiar to our age group, accompanied by great guitar/ukelele playing, thanks to Larry, Janet, and Willy. Very special times; we are very thankful to have met some great camping buddies.

Our trip home today was leisurely and we took in a couple spots that allowed us to stretch our legs and appreciate more beauty of the Island.

Cathedral Grove is a stand of old-growth Douglas Fir, which we have visited before, but it’s always a nice place to stop.

And then we stopped for a short hike to see Qualicum Falls. The Qualicum River tumbles down a couple large rocks ledges, and through a small canyon, making some very turbulent and energetic waterfalls. It was a lovely 2 km walk along the river to see the Upper and Lower Falls.

So now we will combine all lessons learned and review all the tips and ideas we got, get the maps out and plan our next adventure. We can hardly wait!

2 thoughts on “Successful Rookies!

  1. Your photos are beautiful as always Anita! We recognized the beach of the 5th photo down. There are brown cabins in the background. We stayed in the hotel right next door to it, the Best Western Tin Wis which is run by a First Nations group. We have walked that beach many times, the last time we were there, which was quite a few years ago now! It was also nice to see Cathedral Grove again, too. Enjoy!


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