Glamping Fun

With all the associated ‘luxuries’ of staying in Loytää, we have decided that we are actually glamping and not camping. With unlimited water, hot water from a tap, electricity and even the fact that we don’t have to go outside for night time relief , it really is glamping and we are loving it.

We are here with 4 other couples who love the outdoors, and even with the rain yesterday we have found lots to do.

Walking the beach

With so many awesome sand beaches here, walking the beaches is a favourite activity. We don’t have a waterfront site but we are walking distance to the beach. We thought the rain was over so we went down to explore and had a lovely walk, looking at the soft rollers, interesting clouds and dogs having fun. On the way back we got caught in the mid-afternoon downpour but knowing we had a roof over our heads when we got back to the site made it totally ok.


In our group of 10 we have 3 guitar players and 1 ukulele player, so last night we had a grand sing-along. Kim had assembled a song book of over 60 songs, so we did not have an excuse NOT to sing! Kept warm by the fire-pit and a great 3-sided shelter at Kim’s site, we had a grand evening.

It was preceded by happy hour of course

Go Biking

There is a fantastic new bike trail from Tofino to Ucluelet. It winds along the road and then through the forest, on brand new pavement. There are lots of curves that make it fun, and some very gentle ups and downs. We just did the 13 km to Long Beach where we enjoyed lunch on the beach, watching the big rollers and many surfers having fun in the waves. It was a great ride, and fun to do with new friends. The sun came out in the afternoon so we spent some time soaking up the heat in the sunshine, a lovely change from the cool rainy weather of yesterday.

So it’s a different kind of camping experience than we are used to, but this is why we bought Loytää and we are looking forward to many more great adventures and discoveries.

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