A Grand Tour

The Tour de Victoria returned this year, after its Covid absence, and so we signed up for it. Nicky and Derek have done it in past years and its a great way to have a ride around the Victoria and area country side so I decided to set a stretch goal of doing the 100km, along with Nicky. Not only did we have to ensure we could bike for 100 km, we also had to make sure we would have sufficient battery so we did training to climb hills on our lowest battery assistance level. It was great to have a goal to work towards.

We drove to Victoria the night before and stayed in a hotel walking distance from the start line. We enjoyed dinner on the waterfront and enjoyed the light show as the Legislative Buildings sparkled.

The start was a lot of fun. Standing in the chute, waiting for the start with so many people, all shapes and sizes, and all excited to be doing the ride, generated a lot of energy and excitement. We started and ended at the Legislative Building for BC, so it was a beautiful setting

Excited to get started. Lydia and Corey, friends of Nicky and Derek joined us as well.

So I’m happy to report that we were successful! We completed the 100 km and climbed a total of 1304 m (4300 feet) and had battery life to spare. Last time I rode 100 km was probably the Rideau Lakes tour 15+ years ago, and I have never climbed that much in one day so records were broken for me.

Climbing one of the many hills.

It was a fantastic ride (even on the hills) through the highlands north of Victoria where it the roads wound through large forests and past farms and lovely houses. Being able to boost battery assistance on the steep sections was a life saver. The last stretch was our favourite route by beautiful ocean side houses, with lush green lawns (no water shortage in Victoria this summer), and along the water, looking towards the Olympic mountains. The water was blue, blue blue and the views wonderful. We really are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place and very happy to be able to do a ride like this. Unfortunately, Bill could not ride. His hamstring injury is healing well, but he was not up for a long ride yet. He exercised his brain cells in the University of Victoria library doing more research and had a different kind of fun.

The support, volunteers and signage was fantastic. Signs warned of upcoming hills and nasty turns and steep downhills. Volunteers manned the water/aid stations and were at every intersection making sure we were safe from traffic and going the right way. There were 2000+ riders and I’m sure close to that many volunteers.

It was a wonderful day and it was felt great that I could finish it in fairly good shape! A bit tired of course, but it was so worth it, and made more fun by doing with Nicky and Derek (with BIll’s support and encouragement).

Crossing the finish line 5.5 hours after we started. Derek finished before us!

And I have the medal to prove it!I

I felt I deserved a treat!

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