Apart from the Delta variant starting to rage globally, life for us is taking on a sense of normalcy as we gradually enlarge our bubble.

We have been happy to host some non-sister/brother-in-law dinners at our house over the last couple of weeks. It was a lot of fun getting to know new people and being a host to them ‘just like we used to do’. We enjoyed evenings on the deck and watched the sun go down (and it’s already noticeably earlier now!)

We have even christened our guest bedroom with our first overnight guests. Relatives of Bill (his Mom’s cousin) are visiting the island, and they took the time to stop in Ladysmith and stay overnight with us. It was so exciting! We had lots of time to catch up on news from the Edmonton-area relatives on Bill’s Mom’s side of the family, and we really enjoyed their company. We introduced them to dinner and breakfast on the deck! They loved it.

Other than that we have been taking advantage of the still very warm, and extremely dry weather. We mourn the dried brown-yellow grass everywhere, as well as the stressed trees. There is some rain forecast for the weekend but I’m not sure it will not be enough; we just hope it will ease some stress.

So we have kayaked,

We have biked. We returned to Saltspring Island for a tour of the southern half of the island. We did this last year and found it very tough. This year it was much easier; I guess we have grown some stronger biking legs and lungs!

We have admired the colour sunsets, some of them created by a bit of smoke from the interior. We have been extremely luck so far, the winds have been blowing away from us so smoke has not moved in. So life is pretty normal! Enjoying company and all the island has to offer!

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