Beach Bushwhacking

img_3999Today is Canada Day, the day when we celebrate the great country in which we are very fortunate to live.  It’s the country that my parents chose to come to and raise their family, and for that I am grateful!  There are warts in our past and present, as there are with any country.  Some of those have been raised recently with the discoveries of the graves of the children at the Residential Schools. And although this is dark mark on Canadian history, and one the country needs to address, I still  believe we should celebrate Canada Day.   There is so much good about this country that we need to celebrate, with thoughtful consideration.

So we celebrated in style.  We drove out to Port Renfrew on the west side of the island and went to Botanical Beach to experience the sea breezes, the beautiful shoreline, the path through the rainforest with towering trees, and gnarled trees and the many tidal pools.  This is best experienced at low tide, and we were lucky that today it was perfect timing. 

We spent considerable time ‘beach bushwacking’.  This involved making our way from one beach to the next, along the rocky shoreline.  We had to jump over tidal pools and small inlets, up and over rocks, which were uplifted, layered rocks so footing was not always straight and flat.  Picking the best way reminded me of the bushwhacks we have done in the past; be careful and choose the best path forward. 

Along the way we took time to peer into the tidal pools to see sea urchins, sea anemones, tiny crabs, colourful sea weed and plants of so many different colours.

Looking up and around us, we admired the rocky shoreline with trees and some mist in the distance.  It’s always a great place to visit and it made for a very fun and enjoyable day.

We topped the day off with a ‘typical’ Canada dinner of bbq sausages, corn and ice cream for dessert, overlooking Lake Somenos from the deck on Nicky and Derek’s house.  It was a good Canada Day!

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