Fathers’ Love

“Even the best dads make mistakes. But there is no mistaking their love for their children.”


As I thought about what Father’s Day means to me, I reflected on the time I’ve spent recently going through old family photos.  And the one consistent theme I see in the pictures of Dads with kids is their love and joy of being a father.  Yes there are tough and uncertain times in any relationship but the one unshakeable foundation is the love that fathers have for their children, no matter the age or the generation. 

I always knew this with my father, but I lost him at such a young age, and so I am remaindered of this unshakeable truth when I see photos of him with my me and my brothers and sisters. 

I also know that Bill’s Dad was bursting with pride and love for both Bill and his grandchildren, Eric and Kirk. 

And even though our boys live apart from us now, I also know that Bill’s love and concern for them knows no bounds.

So I wish Happy Father’s Day to fathers everywhere, especially the ones in my life, past and present, for their unmistakeable love and support. 

Derek and Bill enjoying an early Father’s Day on the Galloping Goose trail today.

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