Summer Shinanigans

(Well not really Shinanigans, but I like the alliteration)

So far, June has not presented itself as June-u-ary. But that could still early in June.  Since we have been back on the Island we have been blessed with beautiful summer weather:   high 20’s, blue skies and a breeze.  We compared it to the same temps we had in Ottawa, and we voted that 29C here is much more comfortable than 29C in Ottawa, because we don’t have the humidity here on the Island; it’s much more comfortable.

So we have been busy outside of course. We are loving this time of year with the beautiful wild flowers blooming everywhere along the bike trails.  Phlox and foxgloves (my favourite) in many shades of pinks, purples and whites, lupins, poppies, and daisies are all in full bloom right now and add colour on our rides. There are still many Rhodos in full bloom, in fantastic colorurs, and we enjoy them too.  So we enjoy the shorter rides, close to home, just for the cheerful summer colours.

We were happy to pick up our new paddles on Monday.  We love the wooden paddles we had made for us in February, but we discovered a high-tech version in carbon fibre that is lighter and thinner, and need much less upkeep than our wooden ones.   So we splurged (good anniversary gift I think) and we are so happy we did.  We did an inaugural paddle with friends on Tuesday and we felt we could paddle all day.  These paddles significantly reduce the effort and we are getting more experienced with how they feel in the water, for the various turns and strokes.  Of course it helps that it was a windless day with bright blue skies, so all factors were in our favour, We had a wonderful day on the water.

Wallace Island
Happy Paddler

We decided to stay on land yesterday and return to the Galloping Goose trail that we so enjoyed last summer.  That time, had to turn back before we wanted to, because a trestle bridge was under reconstruction.  It is now complete and we could ride the trail to its terminus.  And what a ride it was.  Wind and waves were a beautiful sight along Sooke Basin.  The trail is mostly shaded, thankfully, because it was warm.  The trees are huge and the rock masses even huger.  Such wonderful sights along the way.  And, crossing the newly rehabilitated bridge, we got to see Potholes Regional Park.  This park features the potholes in the Sooke River.  It’s not a large river, but there are many small waterfalls over rocks and ledges, and then there are deep potholes carved out of the rock.  The trail was up high and we looked down on these sights.  So someone, who will remain nameless, had to stop many times to investigate, and of course take pictures.  It was a very memorable ride of about 50km.  The return trip was almost all a gentle downhill; we seemed to fly (and make a lot fewer stops!)

Sooke River Potholes

We did stop at our favourite Thai restaurant for dinner.  It was a belated 35th annivesary dinner.  And it was very yummy.  A great way to cap off a wonderful biking day and to celebrate 35 years!

So, wonderful adventures during the day.  Then we come home to relax and enjoy the view from our deck during Happy Hour and enjoy a few sunsets too.  Life is good.

Happy Hour
Evening Colours!

P.S. No further update on Eric yet.

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