The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good

Bill and I started our life together, by getting married 35 years ago on May 17.  It’s been a wonderful life journey full of love, family, adventure and growth.  I look forward to whatever the future holds; I know with a partner like Bill it will be the best I can have.

The Bad

We are separated from Eric in Ottawa and Kirk in London, UK.  It was our choice to move to BC but the separation is probably the hardest thing about the move, even though we do love our life here.  The separation is even harder now with Covid, but we are learning to cope.

The Ugly

Unfortunately, Eric is very ill in ICU right now.  I won’t go into the full details but he is in great hands with the doctors at the Ottawa Hospital and his girlfriend Zoe has been a rock; we are blessed to have her there.  Over the last couple of days we have been so well supported by Nicky and Derek’s love and wisdom. We are flying to Ottawa tomorrow to be closer to Eric. We will know more in the next couple of days but please keep him in your prayers and I hope I have better news soon.

So it’s an odd confluence of events but I’m so grateful for the loving people in our life that help us daily.

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