Mother’s Day Part II

To honour mothers everywhere with a show of flowers, I thought I would share some wonderful ones that we enjoyed the other day in Butchart Gardens.

Sunken Garden is always beautiful no matter what the season.

And Nicky is much better now! No wheelchair on this visit!

Tulips were AMAZING. I think I enjoyed the display here more than the tulip beds in Ottawa (sorry, Ottawa) because the grounds are beautifully sculpted, and the Butchart Gardeners do such a great job of mixing in some other flowers and making the displays so colourful and varied. Each tulip bed was a riot of colours and flower shapes.

The rhododendron bushes are in their full glory here on the Island as well. Again there are so many different shades and hues of blooms. My jawed dropped at the size and intensity of colour of the bushes we saw driving through Victoria. It really is amazing to see.

East meets West

So Happy Mother’s Day to Mothers far and near. May your day be filled with love and colour!

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