Happy Mother’s Day

It’s that day of the year where we pause and reflect on the gift of our mothers.  I was very fortunate to have two very special Mothers in my life: my Mom and my Mother-in-Law Edna.  They have, unfortunately, both left us, but their legacy of love continues and I think I appreciate them more as I get older.  

Two women, very different, but yet so much the same.  Both were very principled: honest to a fault, generous in time and money, priority always given to family, whether it’s husband, children or grandchildren.  They were both great partners to their husbands and doted on their children and were not afraid to show it. 

But I really appreciate their differences too.

I always considered Edna a ‘gentle sweet soul’.  Always easy to get along with and never one to get in your face, she was always so kind to friends and family.  I loved how I know she adored being with her grandchildren but never told Bill or I how to raise them!  She just appreciated everyone for who they were.   When they decided to move to Ottawa, Bill and I were thrilled that the boys would have grandparents near by.  They both missed out on time with my parents, so any time with grandparents was special.  

My Mom was more like a ‘force of nature’.  She was never afraid to speak her mind regardless of how this was perceived by others.  While I appreciated her directness, it could be unsettling for those that did not know her well.   She was also inquisitive; always searching for new meanings and approaches in life.  She was persistent.  She restarted her business on her own after Dad’s passing because she believed so strongly in its value.  

I probably didn’t fully realize or appreciate this strong personality until I looked back at memories and photos.  Bold colors and tons of flowers everywhere illustrate that there was nothing subtle about this woman.  But she is my Mom and I  may not agree with everything she did or stood for, but there is so much to appreciate.  

What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes part of us.

Helen Keller

Thanks Mom and Edna for becoming part of me; I won’t lose that. I love you both!

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