BlueBird Days

We have been blessed with dry, warm sunny weather for the last couple of weeks so we have taken advantage of them. Forecast shows rain for the next week, so we will remember these special days during the dreary ones.

So what have we been up to?

We revisited one of our favourite walks: Stoney Hill. It never disappoints and we soaked up the sun and the views.

We did some biking, enjoying the fact that we enjoy the freedom of shorts and no jackets! The sun on the bright green leaves bursting out everywhere, contrasted with the blue sky, and blossoms of many different sorts literally bursting daily has made each bike ride very special. We even got to do a ride with friends we have met from the paddling club and showed them a route that was new to them. We have covered many different routes, thanks to the experience of Nicky and Derek. So the newbies were the tour guide!

This is Elliott Beach, a great ride of 40km round trip. It’s a lovely beach and we look across the water to our home!
No battery operated socks, jackets or pants!

We have learned that spring here is a much longer season than we are used too. There are so many blossom trees that bloom at different times, the show just keeps going on!

In kayaking news, we were on the water yesterday learning how to use our Greenland paddles properly. It was a great session with a fantastic teacher who was patient and kind 😉 Our paddling club does such a great job of organizing these workshops that we are happy to be able to participate.

And there is reason to keep some subscriptions in paper form! Paddling Magazine released their Gear Guide 2021 and I finally got to see one of my photographs in print. For those reading my updates for a while you will recognize this iconic photo from last October sunrise paddle. It’s a favourite of ours and Paddling Magazine deemed it worthy of publication!

We have enjoyed evening dinners in the sun both on our deck and at Nicky & Derek’s home on the lake.

So our HikeBIkeKayak adventures continue. Sometimes tried and true places are revisited, sometime new places are discovered and we still find joy in the everyday adventures!

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