Spring Antics

We are learning that spring is a much extended season here on the Island.  A couple weeks ago we biked in Victoria and saw lots of blossom trees.  Those are now in full bloom on our street, and so we are enjoying it.   Temperatures are still on the ‘low’ side during the day in the low double digits, if we are lucky.  But the sun is warm and we are seeing new signs of spring every day.

On Sunday we celebrated Bill’s birthday with a bike ride and then a new tradition of wearing this silly hat.  He is laughing because he had to wear it, but also he was anticipating the chocolate dessert in front of him.  

Driving Miss Daisy

Also this week I took Nicky to Victoria by car.  She unfortunately had a bad spill on her bike a couple weeks ago so the combination of Covid and physical movement restrictions have really limited her ability to be active outside like she usually is. So we had to find a way to get outside and enjoy spring.

We had a perfect day of clear skies and sunshine.  We stopped on Dallas Road for tea and scones to admire the Olympic Mountains across the strait.  The air was really clear and the snowy peaks put on a wonderful show for us. 

Then we drove the route we did on our bikes a few weeks ago and saw the progress of spring in the beautiful gardens.  The magnolia trees were beautiful and many shrubs and bushes were showing new life and color.

We then made our way to Butchart Gardens.  Nicky was able to walk the gardens pushing a wheelchair for support.  For the downhills, I insisted she sit in it and I ensured she did not suffer from a runaway chair.  

The gardens are spectacular any time of year and are always different by season.   This week’s show came from hyacinths in full bloom and accompanying aroma, many cherry blossom trees, perky yellow daffodils and a couple magnolia trees.  One, in particular, was just spectacular.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  

It was a wonderful day to enjoy the beauty around us, with a special person. I was glad to be able to share it with her and bring a smile to her face!

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