Spring Perfection

This week we really started to experience the joy of spring.  Of course the grass has always stayed green here, but the buds are starting to come out on trees, spring flowers are sprouting and there seems to be an extra bounce in everyone’s step.  Nights are still cool and the days are now in high single digits or low double digits, but the sun, when it shines, has the extra warmth that feels so good.  So naturally, we have been enjoying what spring has to offer.

Last week we had one day that was very un-springlike.  Sunshine and showers duelled during the day.   But with the sunshine continually forcing itself through the clouds thoughout the day, we were treated to three spectacular rainbows.  They were intense, lasted quite a while, and the pot of gold seemed very close, but sadly, we came up empty handed.  It didn’t really matter, though because the scenery was beautiful!

We did paddle twice this week as well.  One day promised sunshine and low winds so we decided to do Samsun Narrows.  The great part was that Derek was going to come with us.  This was a landmark occasion because his back is now well enough to sit in a kayak for 3 hours; we were pretty excited.  Well, the excursion was cut short as a rogue storm cell whipped up some winds in the narrows and brought some rain so we turned back.  All was not lost.  We had fun, even if it was short lived.

The next day brought beautiful spring sunshine and no wind so we went to Chemainus.  We put in at a park in the town from which there is a great view of all the mainland coastal mountains.  We enjoyed the view while having lunch before putting in. 

It was a nice paddle along the coast and in the shallow water in some mud flat areas that we could only do at high tide.  

Yesterday we put the bikes on the car and went on the hunt for blossom trees in Victoria. While there were many blossom trees, they were not yet at their peak. 

But it didn’t matter, we had a fantastic ride along the waterfront, enjoying the Olympic mountains across the strait, the many expensive and beautifully landscaped homes, the sunshine, Nicky and Derek’s company.  Such a beautiful ride.

Oh, and a great lunch OUTSIDE, in the sun, at our favourite Thai restaurant.  Having a meal here is a treat and almost worth the 1.5 hr drive to Victoria. 

It was a fantastic day, capped off with lounging on their deck, enjoying a glass of wine in the sunshine, watching the sun set over Lake Somenos, enjoying burgers cooked on the BBQ.  A perfect day.  And soon we will return to Victoria to see the blossoms at their peak.

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