Wind, Waves, Rain, Sun

We spent a delightful three days in Tofino, on the “Wet” Coast of Vancouver Island.  Tofino is the perfect playground for walking the long sand beaches, surfing, kayaking, whale watching, hiking, fishing etc.  Accommodations range from camping to luxury resorts and BnBs.  Previously popular primarily in the summer, winter storm-watching has extended tourist season to all year.  Due to Covid, we have been thwarted three times over the past year to come.  But we were lucky enough to be able to get here this week and we have loved it.  Our BnB was beachside so we could relax on the chaise lounge in the picture-windowed sunroom to watch the water, or go for long walks along Chesterman Beach or just chill and enjoy each other’s company. 

Weatherwise, we experienced everything from stormy, rainy, windy weather that brought huge rollers, waves and rooster tails of spray to sunny periods that were warm with blue sky to a beautiful sunset. And that was all in one day!  It was pretty perfect and a great little getaway.

It’s fascinating being right by the water and seeing how much it changes and so quickly.  It can be a gentle breeze and waves rolling in and then all of a sudden a squall comes up and the waves increase in size and the spray coming off the top of the rollers is like a rooster tail.  There are lots of rocky shores here so we also see and feel the energy of the waves crashing and the spray being jettisoned up 20-30 feet in the air.  It’s a show that never stays the same.

The beaches here are beautiful sand beaches with very gentle slopes so the ebbing tide creates huge beaches, which delight the many dogs getting their exercise. I have never seen so many happy dogs.   Well, the people are generally smiling and enjoying themselves as well!  Here on Chesterman Beach, we can walk out to an island during low tide that is inaccessible during high tide.  So the differences between high and low tides are extraordinary.  I love the ebb and flow of the tides; the landscape is ever changing.

This is surfer country as well.  There have not been that many here over the last couple of days but the ones that are here had to work hard to get past the break.  I think I saw them more often sitting on their board, waiting for the perfect timing than actually surfing.  It’s a sport that I would not entertain starting at my age!

Today we did a walk to a smaller beach, Tonquin Beach, closer to the town of Tofino which was delightful.  The walk through the forest was definitely like walking in the rain forest.  The forest walks we have done on the other side of the island are always lush and green but this is an order of magnitude more like  rain forest.  The beach was not as big as Chesterman or Cox beaches, but delightful in the island views, the interesting wood and sand patterns that we found.    Not a long walk but it’s the experience that counts, not the distance.  It was a great feeling to be there, topped off with a lunch in a beautiful dining room overlooking Cox Beach. 

So we spent our time walking and enjoying the beaches in the rain and in the sun. We were also treated to a beautiful sunset one evening, so our checklist is complete!

I often take ‘feet’ pictures that capture different moments. Beach walking and lunch in the sun, kept warm by the fire pit, are a couple of the special moments of the past couple of days!

2 thoughts on “Wind, Waves, Rain, Sun

  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful “wetish” experience. I miss the coziness of a great bed and breakfast!



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