Beauty all around us

“Normal” life for us has been enjoying the outdoors, whether it’s by foot, bike or kayak. Sometimes short rides/hikes, sometime longer ones, but we always appreciate the beauty around us and come home feeling invigorated. We are very mindful that we are so fortunate, since we are retired, to be able to do this at any time. We take advantage of the breaks in weather and do not have to wait for the weekend. We are also very thankful that we have this playground at our doorstep and can take advantage of it. Even with the Covid restrictions here in BC we can ‘legally’ get outside and not be cooped up inside.

So, here is a sampling of what we get to appreciate in our various ventures.

We don’t even have to go outside to appreciate spectacular sunrises!

We have color inside as well

Water is still a main attraction for us!

Farm fields, trees, mountains in the distance makes for great rides!

Trees in all shapes and colors!


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