Post-Snow Storm

We are realizing that after a couple days of rain (or snow), there follows one of more days with beautifully clear skies and sunshine. We again got to enjoy the coastal mountain peaks putting on their show. After the big storm that passed over BC, the snowline has moved down the slopes and the peaks are much more defined and spectacular. We look forward to seeing how they change over the coming months. In the mean time we are enjoying the colors in the morning and the alpenglow in the evening. It’s quite a treat.

Spectacular band of sunshine highlighting the peaks.

Today we did a great little hike near Duncan. Although <30 km away, this area got significantly more snow than we did on Monday and it has stuck around. We can see it on the farm fields, along the roads, and definitely on the hike we did.

It was a 6km loop that took us along Holt Creek, which was really a fast flowing river at this time of year, through the woods and then along the Cowichan River which of course was flowing very fast and full. The great thing about this hike was the different moods we experienced. As we started along Holt Creek, the sun was shining though the mist that was coming off the water and rising up the cliffs to where we were, creating an ethereal mood. It was beautiful.

Walking through the woods was lovey because the sun broke through and highlighted the green moss on the trees, the mist, the green ferns and also strengthened the contrast between the white snow and the greens. There were some muddy, puddly parts of course, along with a lot of new-fallen branches and trees, so we did some minor bushwhacking to get around the obstacles. It was fun.

Sun highlights

The stretch along the Cowichan River was really nice. We were literally right beside the water which was flowing incredibly fast. We watched some ducks enjoy the free ride down the river and enjoyed the scenery and energy of the water.

The trail was that close!

All in all it was a great hike. Sunshine, colors, water, moody mists and fresh air all contributed to making it a nice way to spend the afternoon!

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