Winter Wonderland

It’s quite fitting that on the first day of winter, we are graced with a beautiful snowfall. We are not naive enough to think that we will have a white Christmas, because it will disappear by the end of today, I’m sure, but seeing snow this morning was fun. Even though the Weather Network said it was raining, we definitely had snow, very wet snow. But it was white and it was pretty.

So we took advantage of it. We went for a walk in the snow/rain.

Our street looked a lot different, and not too many people out and about!

We a short loop around the neighbourhood which took us up into the ‘woods’ along the hydro right of way and along some streets on the way home. We realized again how pretty this town is with the undulating streets, pretty houses and usually a view over the water which was obscured today.

We even had to cross a stream that is usually barely a trickle!

We arrived home a bit wet, but happy to go for a walk in the snow/rain and welcome winter with snow. The good thing is that days are now starting to get longer again and the snow will be gone by tomorrow, which promises to be sunny and clear. We’ll see if the weatherman is correct or not!

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