This is how we bike!

Another beautiful sunny day yesterday so we decided to hit the trails rather than bike along the road. Well, we did more pushing and walking I think than riding, but it was still fun.

We had walked these trails before and thought “yes we can ride this”, but we

1. Didn’t realize the the access road we thought we could take, to avoid pushing our bikes across the bridge over Haslam Creek, is not accessible

2. Forgot about some obstacles

So after some careful review of the maps, to figure out Plan B, we struck out. We passed the noisy, stinky ATV party and made our way to the Haslam Suspension bridge hike trailhead. We have biked and hiked this short 1km trail but not taken our bikes across the bridge. Warning: Pushing 55 lb bikes up dirt paths or steps or even going down steep paths and steps is not that easy.

So this is how we ‘biked’ yesterday:

Made our way over the Haslam Creek Suspension Bridge. The water was certainly rushing underneath:

Two big piles of dirt placed on a logging road to prevent vehicles, didn’t really stop us.

Hauled our bikes over logs,

At the top we found a lovely lake with beautiful reflections of the surrounding mountains; it was all worth it! We think we expended more calories pushing/pulling our bikes, but riding on trails in the middle of the forest, with lovely views and solitude was a great experience.

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