Clear Skies

We have been spoiled by spectacularly clear sunny skies for the last couple of days and we are appreciating another side of our home.


After some early morning frost, the daytime temps are in the single digits, and we have enjoyed some lovely bike rides. The shady parts of the roads are cool, but the sunny stretches are glorious, especially when the views are so spectacular. The battery-operated socks so generously give to me by Nicky have so far solved my problem of cold feet, both for paddling and biking. They are awesome!!

Mountain Views

We knew that we could see mountains but with the exceptionally clear skies for the last few days the views have been so special. Most of the tall ones are now fully snow capped, so they are much more discernible. We watch the morning show as the sun rises and illuminates the peaks, and we watch the evening show with the setting sun and alpenglow casts the soft pink hues. It’s truly magical.

During our paddling meeting last night we learned about a new app “Peakfinder” that uses the AR on the iPhone to name peaks that you can see. We can now name the peaks that we see. Today I learned that the biggest snow-covered one we see is Atwell Peak, 113 km from here! Yes the air is that clear. We will take advantage of these special days while we can!


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