Glory Day

The rains stopped for a day and what a glorious day it was.

We had a great start by watching the sunrise with clear skies and then being treated to the coastal mountains on the mainland revealing themselves because the air was so clear. This doesn’t happen every day so it was special to see it. What made it so special, however, was watching the sun gradually illuminate their snowcapped peaks as it rose higher in the sky. The picture got better and better as we sat and watched the show. This picture doesn’t do it a lot of justice, but it was probably the most spectacular view we have had of the mountains so far.

So we took full advantage of the sunshine and blue skies, which were very welcome after many gray rainy days, and got reaquainted with our boats with a paddle on Cow Bay. The weather was perfect; no wind, blue skies with clouds, beautifully reflected in the water.

We passed the sea lion colony on the breakwater and there were only about 20 diehards left, making sure we heard them with their loud barking and bellowing! The scenery was beautiful. It was a bit surreal to be paddling while admiring snow-capped mountains in the distance, but we can get used to that! Of course we passed several large ships anchored but that has become commonplace for us!

We stopped for lunch and when we looked at the map we realized we had gone a lot further than we thought. We thought we were somewhere near the red square, but we were in fact on the shores of Saltspring Island at the blue dot. It didn’t really matter, it was a lovely spot to rest up and enjoy the view. But by the time we paddled back to our put in we had done over 20 km. So we earned our supper and our sleep tonight!

When we were almost back to shore, we noticed some very fascinating “spider web” cloud patterns. I can’t remember ever seeing anything like this and can’t explain how they were formed but it was a treat!

There were several, that overlapped and intersected the made beautiful patterns.

So all in all it was a glory day on the island. We were glad we could take full advantage of it, and store up a bit of sunshine memories for more rainy days that I’m sure are on their way!

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