Six Months!

It is our 6-month anniversary of moving to Ladysmith today!  I can say we truly are BC residents.  We have BC driver’s license and health cards, our car has a BC license plate, we are now allowed to vote and we have even recommended good hikes to people that have lived here longer than us!  I’m not sure how long we have to consider ourselves “come from away” but we are feeling pretty comfortable as Islanders.

To say we are happy we moved and that the experience has exceeded our exceptions is an understatement.  Yes it has seemed like we have been on a 6-month vacation because everything is so different, new and exciting.  But taking the ‘newness’ out of the equation,  we have come to appreciate how much this place has so much to offer and why we love living here.  


Having visited several times in previous years, we knew the Island is beautiful with tall trees, ocean and mountains. We have, however, really started to fully appreciate it since we started living and experiencing it first hand.  No matter what we do or where we go, we are constantly amazed at the variety of views and landscapes.  On one bike ride we can do any or all of the following: climb big hills, pass farms, hug the seashore and enjoy wide ocean views or marvel at the huge tall trees that provide welcome shade in the heat of summer.  Kayaking has introduced us to a whole new world of marine life and views. We know we have only scratched the surface; there is so much to explore and learn.


We did find the perfect home.  Whether rainy or sunny, there is always something new to see and enjoy while sitting comfortably in front of our windows or on the deck.  We love the sunsets, sunrises, clouds, storms, blue skies, boats, rainbows, coastal mountains that show themselves on clear days.   The size is perfect and did I mention that we don’t have to do any outside maintenance?


In the time of Covid we have not yet been able to make a lot of new long-term connections,  We have had great trips with the paddling club (although that has been suspended for now) and we know that will change in the future.  But having family nearby has been wonderful to establish a deeper connection with Nicky and Derek with shared experiences.    

So Life is Good! This pretty much sums it up!

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