Before and After (v2)

Apologies again, I used a feature that does not display well on phones.

In these bleak days of rain and cloud, we are learning to take advantage of a window of opportunity with less rainy (or hopefully no rain) weather and enjoy the outdoors.

So we did a walk to Christie Falls, which Bill and I serendipitously found back in June. We really got to experience the different between summer and winter. As we walked, there were lots of are trees, some muddy potholes and lots of dead leaves, but that was still lovely.

The sun actually shone for the first part of the hike so we were happy and almost second guessing our decision to walk, rather than paddle. But we are glad we hiked instead!

The huge difference was the amount of water. Bush Creek had a lot more water rushing under the bridges, rippling over rocks. It was a lovely sight.

The star of the show, however, were the falls. We were treated to several of them, all of them much more full and spectacular than in the summer.

This one, I swear, was a trickle in the June:

This one is just before we reached Christie Falls, and actually was my favourite. I loved the high falls and the rushing river at the bottom. There was a lot of spray off the water and it felt like we should have been on “Maid of the Mist” at Niagara Falls.

Christie Falls were spectacular, especially when you compare them to what we saw in June. It really made us appreciate the changing seasons and the impact of the rains on the landscape.

June 2020
November 2020

It was a great walk with great company! We love the fact that beautiful places are so close to our home and we can enjoy them!

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