Walkin’ in the Rain

We felt like we became true BC natives today, since we were not put off by a little rain, and went for a great little walk. It’s been monsoon season here for the past several days, with predictions that it will continue, so we decided we had to get out and stretch our legs.

We went to Stocking Creek Park, a little gem of park nearby, that has a waterfall. With all the recent rain we figured it would be pretty nice to see, and we were not disappointed.

Most trees have lost their leaves so it was quite an open feeling, even though it was raining. We descended a bit to the creek level and it was fascinating to see all the different forms of vegetation and almost all the trees were covered in moss, indicating a lot of moisture from the creek and falls all year, I’m sure. It was lush and green, with lots of wet ferns, but the rushing creek was lovely and the falls were very full and rushing over the edge.

Even though it was raining, our new wide-brimmed hats and a raincoat did just fine on the short 2 km walk. It was great to realize that you can still enjoy the outdoors in less-than-ideal weather. I’m sure we will have to get used to doing it if we are to survive the winter months here.

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