Proud Mamma

This post has nothing to do with paddling, hiking, biking, or views. And that’s a good thing because today is rainy, foggy and windy except when the sun shines and the rainbows grace our skies! So always a surprise!

This is all about being Bill and I being intensely proud parents. After his gap year and global travels for volunteer work, Kirk decided to pursue 12-month course in England with Marc Fish studio to learn custom woodwork and design. It was a lot of hard work and of course his studies were interrupted by the lock-down in the UK, as well as a few bouts of illness.

But he is now finished, and although we were kept apprised of his progress on his various projects by description and pictures, it didn’t mean as much as when he sent pictures today of the finished products. The imagination in design and quality of workmanship is so evident. We think they are beautiful (and we are not biased in the least) so I wanted to share.

His valet stand reflects the natural outdoors that Kirk loves, with detailed marquetry and a design that is one-of-a-kind. It took hours and hours of work but it’s stunning. He pushed himself with each project to learn as many skills and techniques as possible in this compressed 12-month course.

His work desk, designed for WooJin, is beautifully designed and finished and has some very useful and creative components for storage.

Congratulations Kirk! Grandpa is smiling as well. We are so excited that you are finished and hope you can find that perfect job!

10 thoughts on “Proud Mamma

  1. Incredible Anita!! His design aesthetic and the workmanship….blows a person away. He’s incredibly talented. Wow, wow, wow!


  2. Beautiful workmanship! I wonder if he could build me a wooden bike like the valet? I would be talk of the valley but alas I would never ride it either. Too nice!

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  3. Anita!

    Wow, gorgeous design, and beautiful, beautiful craftsmanship! This stuff ain’t easy (I know, I’ve tried) and requires painstaking work.

    Give my best to Kirk. Very well done indeed. (And Art Boni’s gonna love it too!)



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